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More YouTube Video Marketing Tips


If you are a blog or website owner and you want to reach more people and generate a lot of traffic, then you better start thinking about creating videos and uploading them on YouTube. If you are not doing this, and your competitors are, then they are effectively taking away your potential customers. Don’t let them.

YouTube has more than 86 million unique visitors daily, 25% of all those  referrals come from Google. You must try to fill niches before your competitors do. All things being equal the customer will click on  the link he or she sees first, try to make that link your own. If you like the idea, here are some great tips to use for your video marketing campaign:

YouTube video marketing tip 1. Create and customize your YouTube channel. Channels are great, they enable you to arrange your own and other’s content in one location with a reference URL. Develop a profile for your business and your content, also back link to your website.

YouTube video marketing tip 2. Customize features in your account. You should do this immediately after you sign up and start recording or uploading your video content. This will make everything easier for you.

YouTube video marketing tip 3. Select your niche under account types. This will make finding out what your channel is all about easier for the users, and will help your ranking on search engine results pages.

YouTube video marketing tip 4. Generate short viral videos. Create short, to the point and interesting viral videos. These are easier to load, more fun to watch, and spread quickly all over the internet.

YouTube video marketing tip 5. Tag and categorize your videos. Using tags will help your video’s ranking when a user searches for a certain keyword. And by categorizing your videos, users know what they are all about first hand.

YouTube video marketing tip 6. Promote your YouTube videos with bulletins and emails. After you create your channel and upload your videos, start promoting them using other social media sites and email.

For more promotional tips visit the following site:

Taking Benefit of Using Youtube Video Marketing


Video marketing is an important strategy that is totally vital to your marketing campaigns. Here’s why. Businesses are now spending more money advertising on the web versus what they are spending on TV. More than 20 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. More than 1 billion videos are viewed on the widespread video sharing site everyday, and people presently devote more time to watching videos on the internet than they spend watching TV.

It’s no wonder that video marketing is fast becoming one of the most popular mediums online today. There is no other medium that measures up to the efficacy this visual tool creates for your marketing objectives. You take the chance of being left behind by your competitors if you should come to the decision that video marketing is not that important to your marketing campaigns. Why is video marketing so popular and exactly what is it?

The idea of video marketing is centered on promoting and uploading content for videos and sending it out on the internet. The popularity of video as a worthwhile marketing strategy is mainly due because of Google’s universal search feature.

Google introduced universal search in 2007. It meant that as you keyed in your keywords into Google the results the search engine delivered were not just webpages, but also photos and video too. You will likely find the video and image results ranked at the top of Google for the search you typed in Google’s search box; often times ahead of big, high ranking sites like Amazon. Concerning SEO objectives, the pronounced location of video clips exhibited at the top of the search engine results page in Google plays a big part in the growth of video marketing.

Video is one of the most effective SEO tools you can utilize. People love video as much as Google loves it. Video outdoes text way more due to the visual factor. Using a video will allow you to clarify or give details regarding your topic clearer. If you want to show your potential clients how something works and describe it in a clear and concise manner, nothing delivers better than utilizing a video platform. Provide inspiring content and you’ll start to bring people into your sales funnel and establish relationships with them.

Video marketing is a cost effective means of getting ranked high in Google’s search engine results and therefore a low cost way of generating new sales and inquiries for businesses. In addition, it’s a valuable way of increasing your business reputation, and getting ahead of your competition. It’s predictable then that numerous businesses are taking advantage of the competitive edge they can gain from video marketing.

There are numerous tools that are free that will help you create content for videos. After this last year, video has become hugely prevalent and will only continue to increase in popularity as time goes on. No other medium has the universal reach you can achieve with video at such a low cost. The ROI is outrageous weighed against other traditional internet promotional channels. If you are not employing video marketing, here’s something to consider. How does it make you feel realizing thousands of your potential customers are viewing your competitors videos and not yours?

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