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Successful Internet Marketing Video Tips


Internet Marketing Video Tricks

Making preparations to start an internet marketing video campaign?

Reports suggest by simply adding video to your marketing mix you can increase the quantity of leads and sales by thirty percent or even more. Which is pretty galvanizing. Even better, getting your mpegs to rank on the search engines can seriously raise traffic to your site and when you blend this with increase sale conversions – you have magic. Internet marketing video sorcery.

Advantages of Internet Marketing Video

Video marketing is one of the most highly effective way to build your brand while also driving very targeted traffic to your website. Plus studies have show most businesses enjoy a 30 percent increase in sales and lead generation when using video. So getting as much exposure as feasible for your product or service by making an internet video marketing campaign is not just a good idea, it’s a wonderful idea.

Even if you haven’t ventured into the video marketing arena before, it is really worth the time and effort required to become involved. Give it some thought. Google now gets the most number of visitors a month. Facebook follows by a particularly close second and Youtube ranks three. People like to watch video and it’s been estimated that about half of all internet searches now begin on Youtube.

So embrace the opportunity. Video isn’t going away soonish and, in fact , it is guessed video use will increase to a full ninety percent of net interactions by the end of 2013. So internet marketing video is a fast moving train and you certainly don’t dismal to be left behind sitting at the station. Put a fair effort into video marketing you’ll totally be impressed by your results.

Reinforced Internet Marketing Video

A fast peek at the numbers of videos shared on the Internet nowadays will give you a clear picture worth 1000 words. But bother to also notice the quantity of times these videos are viewed and shared and tweeted and re-tweeted and you can start getting excited. There is huge potential for you to take advantage of video marketing and the ideal time to get started is now.

Competition in the internet marketing video arena is increase incredibly. This means if you aren’t already exploiting video marketing now then you’ll be leaving money on the table in the long term. The goal is to get in and find out how to outpace and outproduce the competition. Make it a point to leave them in the dust for once.

You can do it by measuring results. Track each video you produce, host and promote. Add tracking codes to the links back to your internet pages. Add tracking codes to your web pages and calls to action. Measure traffic, video video view and conversions. Also seek to track the amount of times your videos get shared. Then crunch the numbers and test varied approaches to improve results. Remember, you can only improve that which can be measured.

Internet marketing video offers you something you will not find with the other sorts of internet marketing techniques. Done properly you can boost your brand, raise traffic, increase leads and raise sales. So what are you waiting for. Get in front of the camera and make incredible things occur.

What Makes Internet Marketing Video Tutorials So Powerful?


In the last couple of years the Internet Marketing scene has completed a major transformation that is rapidly expanding into all phases of online marketing. Gone are the days of text-only sales pages. The new media, Internet Marketing with Video Tutorials, has moved all other means of online advertising into the back of the bus.

Headlines and reports about the power of internet marketing and the use of video tutorials can be found all over the Web, in business journals and newspapers. The entire world is watching those videos in record numbers and there’s no sign of a slowdown anytime soon.

One recent press release by Comscore, trumpeted that the number of online videos viewed in the U.S. alone totaled 11.5 billionin March of 2008, a 13% increase over the previous month. That month, according to Comscore, nearly 139 million U.S. Internet users watched 83 videos each. The leaders in viewing sites were Google Sites (85.7 million), Fox Interactive (54.3 million), Yahoo! Sites (37.5 million) and Viacom Digital (26.6 million).

Those numbers speak for themselves. Internet marketing with video tutorials on any subject is here to stay and will only grow exponentially as more and more Internet Marketers and “on the street” business owners drag out their camcorders. Video production software is also highly popular on giveaway promotions and as an added bonus for purchasing a One-Time-Offer (OTO). Anyone can make a video tutorial and have it online in a day. Some more experienced users report that they can have their recording rendered in to their chosen video format, uploaded and LIVE for public view within 15 minutes!

The astounding numbers above are only part of the picture. An Internet Marketer’s customer base is actually the entire world and ignoring the power of using videos to attract customers and provide useful content is definitely commercial suicide.

One of the marketing myths making the rounds among the uninformed is that television marketing is cheaper and more cost-productive than Internet Marketing with videos. The truth of the matter is that anyone with a digital camcorder can sit in their underwear in their bedroom wearing a “clean cut” looking shirt and produce a quality video to market their product in less than an hour or two.

Another television advertising misconception is that the bigger, brighter and more animated mega-ads will attract those online video viewers back to television viewing. Those traditional television marketers, with enough vision to see the diminishing future of television advertising, are moving to online Internet Marketing as fast as they can.

One fact that a large number of traditional television marketers are slow to recognize is that their prime buying audience is online when they used to be watching television. They are watching Internet videos, browsing sales pages from any country on the globe, learning how to use videos on their own blogs (vblogging) and making their own internet marketing videos and tutorials as fast as they can. Blogs can be set up for free and quality software to create videos can easily be found, either for free or reasonably priced.

The last traditional marketing concept to poke a hole in is the perceived draw of high definition television. While the spread of HD television in the U.S. is somewhere upwards of 30%, nearly 75% of the Internet is already equipped for high definition television. Broadband connections and LCD monitors are already standard equipment in any teenager’s bedroom and the same is true for most of their parents too.

When traditional television advertising agencies and their high-powered clients start focusing on the strengths of Internet Marketing videos…quality, lower productions costs, the vast numbers of their viewing audience and return on their investment…their marketing strategies will change for the better.

In the meantime, Internet Marketing videos and tutorials created by talented amateurs will continue to spread around the globe, attracting the attention of millions of potential customers.

The real question here is: Can a kid with a digital camcorder topple a Fortune 500 company using traditional television advertising and ignoring the Internet? The answer simply put, Hell, yes!

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