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How To Create a Video Sales Page

In this article I am going to discuss the right way to create a video sales letter. The purpose of your video will be to draw people in so that they become interested in what you have to offer and become a more qualified buyer.

Writing a long sales page is effective but often people don’t have the patience to read all the way through unless they are interested enough in what you have to offer.

Therefore writing an engaging headline and first paragraph becomes extremely important when writing a traditional sales letter. It needs to be engaging enough and interesting enough for someone to continue to read all the way through.

When you create a video sales letter you can actually create something a lot shorter. A video in itself will be far more engaging than written words on a page but if you create a sales video that is 15 minutes long then people will not have the patience to listen all the way through.

Therefore if you create a video for your product you need to use your video as you would the headline and first paragraph of a traditional sales page.

So you would create a video that is up to 2 minutes long that entices people to purchase your product or to read more about it in your written sales copy below the video.

Basically that video is going to do the pre selling for you. It will show people exactly what they are getting so there are no surprises when they actually download your product.

Using a video to sell an information product is one way to eliminate risk for your customer. If you show them exactly what they are getting and what their download will be like then they know exactly what they are getting.

You can create a video of yourself talking and showing the product or you could create a slide presentation that shows screenshots of your product. This is very easy to do using Windows movie maker and is free to download.

Make sure that before you record your video you know what it’s purpose is and the message you are trying to get across.

Once you have recorded your video you can upload it to your sales page and people can see very quickly exactly what they are going download and if they are interested they can then read in more detail about your product below the video.

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