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Viral Video Marketing – Is Your Business Getting Left Behind?


Viral video marketing, is it going to be part of your marketing strategy? With the squeeze on businesses around the world you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be a closer scrutiny on how a company’s advertising revenue is being spent in the face of the recent credit crunch.

Some industry experts however believe that online advertising will continue to grow as businesses seek more bang for there buck so to speak. Online advertising is a growing aspect of business marketing in the internet age even if you don’t own an e-commerce website, and one particular brand of marketing online is of course Viral Video Marketing.

So what exactly is Viral video marketing and how can it fit into your marketing portfolio and strategy. According to one of the UK’s leading viral video marketing experts Breon Snowdon, Managing director of the award winning Surrect Media design and production company based in the UK.

Viral marketing and viral advertising refer to marketing techniques that seek to exploit pre-existing social networks to produce exponential increases in brand awareness, through viral processes similar to the spread of an epidemic. Snowden’s statement sums it up nicely but there is also a number of upsides to web marketing campaigns (especially viral ones) that businesses are starting to take notice of.

One of these is the cost base. Unlike the very expensive television advertising and traditional media advertising avenues, web video marketing can be far more economical and a businesses exposure to its potential customers tends to be more than the snapshot 2 minutes or glance an advert in the national press will likely receive. Interesting and well thought out videos can keep a customer captivated often for more than five minutes at a time and if the video is particularly interesting or sufficiently informative or funny quite often they will go viral.

This is where the true magic happens as your video is spread by word of mouth, e-mail or even gets bookmarked at the many social networks that are now part of the every day buzz of the internet. This is the viral video marketing effect. Production cost can be very low compared to traditional televised media so this aspect alone makes web video marketing a very attractive option indeed, even for the small business owner.

Equally with a well, though out brief and a sound strategy it is possible to make more than one cut of a video so it can be uploaded to the internet more than once furthering the chance of viral growth. Some traditional retailers for example Tiger Direct have taken the bull by the horns and now use video to sell their product online as this not only gives them massive exposure, but they can effectively pre-sell a customer on the latest emerging technology or upgrade product for a home computer for example enhancing their own brand at the same time.

Whilst this does not fall under the general banner of viral video marketing it does go to show that web video marketing is being taken very seriously indeed by any business wanting to get their message out there and increase the visibility of their brands or products. Another positive benefit and aspect of viral video marketing is of course to all intents and purposes it is timeless, which flies totally in the face of normal advertising.

Simply put a TV advert for example will only be shown at certain times for pre defined number of views. For more exposure you must pay a lot more, and once your run of adverts has finished, your return on your investment will all but cease. This is similar to traditional media advertising where an advert can run for as little as a day. Viral video marketing is entirely the opposite as once you have made your initial investment your video can be viewed around the world at any time of the day 24/7, and as has been shown in many examples currently doing the rounds a good viral video campaign can keep your brand or message out there for years.

If your not ready to jump in a commission a viral video marketing campaign straight away, don’t forget there are a number of other very positive benefits of using video, and that is of course for your on page presentations. A well thought out video presentation can be a very effective and professional medium to pre-warm potential customers or clients visiting your web site and can really set your business apart from your competition, but don’t wait too long though or you may be left behind.

Viral Video Marketing: Is It For Your Business?


Viral video marketing is an exceptional tool that can give incredible results, but it takes time. You have to prepare your videos, and after that, you have to broadcast them to relevant sites. Is it worth to invest the needed time, energy and money? Viral video marketing can do very much for you if you do it the right way. Here are some questions to find out if it is for you and your business: Here is a list of my top 10 questions to discovering if viral video marketing is right for you.

1. Do you want to grow your business?

Viral video marketing will contribute to your business bottom line. Using video marketing the right way, you can drive flows of traffic to your website and make thousand-dollar value sales.

2.  Do you want more prospects and leads?

Most business transactions start with prospects searching online for information that can help them. When you make videos and upload them on video platforms, Google indexes you and people can find you. Following these simple steps, you can attract customers that can become customers for life.

3.  Do you want to stand out from your competition?

When you upload your videos on top, targeted, high trafficked websites, you are judged at a higher level because you are getting their implied endorsement. Make high quality videos and be different from your competitors getting quality links back to your site.

4. Do you want to brand yourself?

Viral video marketing is for you, then. When you make videos and have them on dozens of sites, people will start to recognize your name, and it empowers you. The more you do this, the more branding you get, and you will be seen as an expert. Prospects will have the impression they see you everywhere.

5. Do you want to get a huge online publicity so you can reach your targeted audiences?

You can see your competitors everywhere online and think than you are a bigger expert than them. The thing is your competitors did their work, created as many videos as possible, so that they are getting in front of your audience. This means that they are making more money and are getting your customers.

 6. Do you want a better search engine ranking?

Viral video marketing will help you by offering links from reliable sites back to your site. If the links you receive are from a big site, they will give more relevance to your own site and the higher you will climb in search engine rankings.

7.  Do you want to build your list of newsletter subscribers and blog readers?

If so, make videos. People will see you are smart, proactive and leader in your industry. They will want to see your videos on a regular basis. This way, you can build your list and promote to them over and over again, and dramatically increase your revenue.

8. Do you have a special report that can help you promote your business and sell more products and services?

Making videos will help to get the word out. Shoot videos that highlight two or three top findings from your report. Your report can be as long and detailed as you want, it can also include sales information so viewers can become prospects and clients. Your audience will be delighted to find out so much quality information.

9. Do you have info products like home study courses, tele-seminars or e-books?

You can take the most important points out of them and prepare a video that promotes your products. This is a great way to make people visit your site to look for more information and start building a relationship with your list. Beware to give quality content in your video and people will visit your site for sure.

10. Do you want to differentiate your business from your competition?

You can find that your audience has some pre-conceptions about your industry or think they have already seen all about products. You may have to explain why your pricing is so high over and over again. Videos can differentiate you from the rest of your competition, they are a big chance to get in front of your audience and talk to them face to face and create trust. Now, one final question: Is Viral video marketing perfect for you? If you’re ready to jump-start your Viral video marketing campaigns and make more prospects, sales and money online.

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